Womens Abortion Clinic

Womens Clinic for safe & legal abortion in Johannesburg & Pretoria. The abortion clinic provides confidential medical & surgical abortion services in South Africa

If you have a unplanned pregnancy, visit the Womens Abortion Clinic where our health care professionals help you terminate a pregnancy. We provide both medical abortion using abortion pills & safe surgical abortions

Book an appointment with Dr Oliver at info@womensabortionsclinic.co.za or 0761708645 . You can also visit any of our abortions clinics for the best women’s abortion services

Womens Clinic

The Womens Abortion Clinic provides women’s health & gynecological services. Abortion is one of the safest medical procedure so there is nothing to worry about. After an abortion you will also be able to have children.

We perform a wide range of women’s abortion services including womb cleaning, late trimester abortions & early pregnancy trimester abortion at the Women’s Abortions Clinic

Abortion Clinic

An abortion can be performed using medical abortion also known as abortion pills or surgical abortions. The Womens Abortion Clinic performs both types of abortions. We also provide pre & post abortion counseling to answer all the questions you have about having an abortion

The Womens Abortion Clinic is registered & adheres to all medical practices with a staff compliment of qualified & experienced nurses

Why us

  • We are committed to making abortion services available and accessible to all women.
  • We have a staff of medical professionals who are experienced & qualified
  • We provide free pre & post abortion counseling
  • We respect your privacy & confidentiality
  • We use both medical abortion pills & surgical abortions for pregnancy termination
  • We are a registered private abortion clinic
  • We adhere to medical & professional standards

Safe Abortion Clinic

The Womens Abortion Clinic is a safe & legal abortion clinic to help women terminate an unplanned pregnancy using abortion pills & surgical abortions. We have abortion clinics all over Gauteng including our abortions clinics in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Hatfield & Centurion

There are 40-50 million abortions a year or 125 000 abortions per day & 22% of all pregnancies end in an abortion. There are two types of abortions that we use : Medical abortions using abortions & surgical abortions

Surgical abortion is a medical procedure used for pregnancy up to 24 weeks. The two types of surgical abortions are Vacum aspiration surgical abortion or Dilatation & Evacuation surgical abortion

“Abortion pill” is the popular name for using 2 medicines used to terminate an early pregnancy. The two pills are mifepristone and misoprostol abortion pills

Unplanned Pregnancy

Women who have unplanned pregnancies face reduced career progression & education opportunities. Family planning, abstinence or use of effective birth control methods in a consistent & correct way.

Teenage pregnancy is pregnancy in females under 20. Can be prevented using birth control & sex education. To get an abortion, you first have to make sure you are pregnant If pregnant get in touch with a registered abortion clinic

After confirming pregnancy you undergoes pre abortion counseling, sign a consent form & GP performs abortion procedure.  You can have an abortion at a legal abortion clinic like ours, with your GP or at a public hospital or clinic

What is abortion?

An abortion is the deliberate medical process of ending a pregnancy. An abortion is also known as a ‘termination’ or ‘termination of pregnancy’. 1 in 3 women will have an abortion in her life time.

How will I feel after an abortion?

Most women experience the physical symptoms of a miscarriage—bleeding, cramping, nausea, or fatigue. If you’re considering an abortion (or have had one and are struggling with the past decision or are experiencing negative emotions), make an appointment to speak with one of our counselors today.

Methods of abortion

There are two kinds of abortions: surgical abortion and medical abortion. Medical abortion involves taking two sets of tablets to end a pregnancy. It’s available before 9 weeks of pregnancy

Safety of medical abortion pills

Most women experience no complications when having a medical abortion. If you have an abortion in a safe, clinical setting like a Dr Jessie Womens Clinic you’re at a low risk of complications.

Can I get abortion counseling?

Making a decision to terminate (end) a pregnancy can be very difficult and complex. Dr Jessie Womens Clinic offers counselling before, during and after treatment – for as many sessions as you need.

When do I get my normal period after an Abortion?

In most cases, you will get your normal menstrual period from 4 to 8 weeks after the abortion. If you do not get your period in 8 weeks, please let us know.

Is Abortion painful?

Medical abortions are 100% pain free.

Is abortion legal in South Africa

Abortion in South Africa has been legal since the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act (Act 92 of 1996) came into force, providing abortion on demand for a variety of cases.